Antenatal care including shared care with Specialist

At Narooma Medical Centre, we offer Antenatal Care – including shared care with Specialist. Antenatal Shared Care refers to the arrangement between a GP and a hospital or specialist obstetrician where your pregnancy care is divided between the two. What this means for you, the patient, is that you can continue to go to your regular GP who you are familiar with and who’s close to your home or workplace. At Narooma Medical Centre, we are a Shared Care Provider that will work with your specialist to monitor you throughout your pregnancy.

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The Top Benefits of Shared Pregnancy Care

There are a number of benefits in opting for a Shared Pregnancy Care arrangement, such as:

  • It reduces the number of hospital visits which in turn helps you save time.
  • Shared care enables you to continue to go to your GP, who knows you and can offer you a more personalised service.
  • Going to your GP during pregnancy for shared care also makes it easy for you to continue with that same GP once your baby is born. You can simply take your baby to that same GP for vaccinations and other check-ups.
  • Some women feel more comfortable with their GP who’s familiar to them.
The Top Benefits of Shared Pregnancy Care

How to Set Up an Antenatal Shared Care Arrangement?

If you are interested in an Antenatal Shared Care Arrangement, get in touch with your GP and hospital or specialist to find out if they offer this service. GPs who participate in Shared Care arrangements are likely to be affiliated with multiple maternity hospitals. If you like the idea of shared care, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you

How to Set Up an Antenatal Shared Care Arrangement?

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If you’re looking to have an Antenatal Shared Care arrangement for your pregnancy, we can assist you with this. We will be happy to enter a Shared Care arrangement with your hospital or your specialist. We’re highly experienced in shared care pregnancies and can offer you the best care during the course of your pregnancy. Please note that Shared Care can only be recommended for low-risk pregnancies. If you have diabetes or any other conditions or complications in your pregnancy, a shared care arrangement may not be the right option for you. To find out more on this or to book an appointment, call us on 0244765588 / 0424204562

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