Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases refer to ongoing or long-term health conditions that progress over time and require continuous attention. Contrary to other diseases, chronic conditions cannot be cured but are instead controlled to relieve symptoms or prevent them from worsening over time. Chronic Disease Management thus involves continuous patient care and planning that will vary from patient to patient based on their health and lifestyle, the severity of their condition, and many other factors.

Managing chronic diseases properly requires a successful partnership between a doctor and patient since these conditions require ongoing efforts. We understand that everything may feel overwhelming at first, which is why we are here to guide you through each step of the way. Managing your health will be continuous as we work towards enhancing your self-management behaviours and learning to be responsible for your health.

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Chronic Disease Management Practices

Chronic Disease Management involves encouraging patients to learn about their condition, make healthy lifestyle changes, and take responsibility for their health. Awareness is important to understand the proper treatments and interventions, so we aim to improve your health literacy and educate you on preventative measures for your disease. This way, you can better understand your symptoms and learn how to navigate them.

After awareness comes the planning and coordination. Creating a health care plan specific to each patient is important since every person’s condition and circumstances will differ. Efforts have to be tailored to fit each patient’s situation to ensure that their condition is managed properly. As such, constant monitoring is also an integral part of the process. Having routine check-ups will be essential to follow up on your progress and see if your current health plan is working.

All in all, chronic disease management can be done successfully if it is continuous, consistent, coordinated, and patient-focused. Hundreds and thousands of people live with at least one chronic condition, such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or something similar. Thus, it is crucial to have a proper healthcare plan targeted at reducing the symptoms of your disease and promoting better health.

Chronic Disease Management Practices

Our Approach in Managing Chronic Diseases

When it comes to Managing Chronic Diseases, we focus on proper patient planning, so we work with each patient to enhance their lifestyle and health. We believe in the saying that prevention is better than cure, so we make use of a proactive approach where we avoid more severe consequences from arising by controlling the symptoms.

Furthermore, our Chronic Disease Management approach looks at the present situation and considers the longer term. We want to find solutions that will not only relieve your current symptoms but also improve your health in the long run.

Our Approach in Managing Chronic Diseases

Find a Support System in Narooma Medical Centre

Good Chronic Disease Management is not an individual effort and is best practiced with the company of other people. Besides your doctor or physician, you can also turn to your family and other loved ones, who can help you through your journey as you learn to self-manage your condition. We believe that finding a stable support system is essential in the process, as this will provide you with the strength to commit to your healthcare plan.

Likewise, our team of healthcare professionals will also extend their hands to act as your support system. Regardless of what chronic health condition you may be facing, we offer various programs and treatments that can promote a healthier and longer life. We understand that starting can be a difficult step, but we can guarantee that if you take the first step, everything else will naturally follow over time.

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