Emergency Management- Wound Closure, Early Stabilization

Wounds have enormous potential to heal. However, this will depend largely on the quality of the medical treatment given. Here in Narooma Medical Centre, we provide high-quality Emergency Management services such as Wound Closure and Early Stabilisation to accelerate wound healing and patient recovery.
We have trained and experienced medical professionals who understand the four key processes that occur as wounds go through the healing process:

  • Inflammation
  • Fibroplasia
  • Epithelialisation
  • Contraction of the wound

Each component’s impact depends on the nature of the wound and the type of treatment given. The timing of the wound closure technique administered is also important. These are just some of the knowledge that our doctors here in Narooma Medical Centre can use to provide the best patient care services possible.
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Quality Services We Offer

When dealing with open wounds, it is critical to repair the underlying nutritional, vascular, or nerve supply deficiency, remove all barriers that prevent healing, and create the optimum conditions for fast recovery. Below are just some of the services we offer to treat open wounds safely and effectively:


This procedure involves the removal of gross contaminating materials from the wound. This includes necrotic or dying tissues with questionable viability. Once the damaged or contaminated tissues are removed, the bleeding is contained, the structure of the tissues are restored, and drainage is provided where needed.

Quality Services We Offer

Surgical Debridement

In cases where removal of more extensive tissue material is needed, surgical debridement is more appropriate. This sometimes means the “en bloc” resection of wound margins and adjacent areas to ensure that the wound created is clean and safe from infection. However, extreme care is exercised when considering surgical debridement, especially if it involves the head and limbs. Every effort is made to preserve viable tissue to protect the body part’s functionality.

Debridement Using a Bandage or Dressing

Bandages or dressings can adhere to the wound surface, which sometimes leads to the removal of necrotic or dying tissues as the wound is being redressed. In some cases, this can be induced as an appropriate form of debridement. Hydrocolloid and hydrogel dressings can facilitate debridement by mixing with the fluids naturally secreted by the wound. This can later be washed off when the wound is cleaned.

Surgical Debridement

Wound Cleaning

Aside from the wound’s immediate treatment, cleaning it plays an important role in the healing process. Decisions have to be made regarding the choice of cleaning solution, the required concentration, and the most appropriate delivery method. These important details are part of the training of all medical professionals here in Narooma Medical Centre. This ensures that each patient receives the best treatment program for wounds and similar injuries.

Covering of the Wound

To protect the integrity and effectiveness of the treatment administered on the wound, it has to be covered properly. An effective covering will allow sufficient wound hydration, maintain optimal temperature, reduce contamination, and prevent further damage.

Your Health, Our Priority

Providing timely and effective Emergency Management of patient wounds is important to us here at Narooma Medical Centre. For immediate treatment and other health services, visit our clinic or call us at 0244765588 / 0424204562.

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