Medical Services

At Narooma Medical Centre, we specialise in more than just your general health and wellbeing. Our ever-growing team of doctors and staff provide a comprehensive list of specialised medical and allied health services for you and your entire family. Our practice focuses on all aspects of health and wellbeing including physical illness, mental health, injuries, minor procedures, women’s health, Children’s health, men’s health, aged care and more.

Please see below for a list of all the services we offer.

Chronic Disease managementComprehensive Diabetes management
COPD and Asthma ManagementWomen’s Health
Child’s HealthMen’s Health
Endocrine disordersPregnancy-related care
Minor surgerySkin cancer management
ProceduresChronic pain management
Mental Healthskin biopsies and flap/graft repairs
Venesection for HemochromatosisPost-operative dressing
Podiatrist serviceAudiology and hearing test
Annual health checksWork cover injuries and reports
Fracture and sprain management- cast and strapsIntraarticular injections for Arthritis- Cortisone, and PRP
intralesional injection- keloids, scars, ContracturesCyst excisions, Callosities, warts, nail removal
Wedge excision for ingrowing nails, Abscess drainagePre-Employment and Drivers Fitness Medical
Antenatal care including shared care with SpecialistEmergency management- wound closure, Early stabilization
Pre-employment health checks- Drug test, audiometryDiabetes management- Footcare, Insulin Management
Travel advise including vaccinations, prophylaxis
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