Post-operative Dressing

Did you know that Surgical Site Infection (SSI) is the most common health-care associated infections amongst patients? Post-operative Dressing is a critical component of wound healing. Saturated and/or leaking wound dressings can allow bacteria and debris to enter and infect the wound. This is why at Narooma Medical Centre, we offer premium Post-operative Dressing and Wound Management.
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Complications That Could Arise from Improper Wound Care

It is important to take care and maintain your wound dressing to prevent infection. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Rough or vigorous cleansing of the sutured or stapled incision before it has fully healed can lead to dehiscence (reopening of the surgical incision).
  • Mechanical stress of the wound bed as a result of coughing, sneezing, vomiting and straining can also cause the incision to reopen.

Reopening of surgical incisions can lead to severe complications that require immediate surgical intervention. Repeated dehiscence can even lead to incisional hernia formation.

Complications That Could Arise from Improper Wound Care

Our Post-Operative Wound Care and Management

At Narooma Medical Centre, our Post-operative Dressing service and management aims to allow the wound to heal quickly and without complications – with the best functional as well as aesthetic results. To keep the wounds clean and avoid developing Surgical Site Infection (SSI), we:

  • Cleanse the wound with an irrigation of sterile saline or water to clear it of debris such as devitalised tissues that might hinder wound healing. This process is not necessary for all surgical wounds and should only be used sparingly as needed. Excessive wound cleansing can also interfere with wound healing.
  • Dressings need to be changed as and when needed. If the dressing is falling off, is leaking or if you suspect it’s been compromised, it is important to have it changed in a sterile environment by medical professionals. A good dressing should promote wound healing, act as a good barrier and keep the wound moist and secure from outside elements.

Since no two wounds are the same, how often your dressing needs to be changed and what other wound care you need will depend on the size, location and how well your Wound Healing is progressing.

Our Post-Operative Wound Care and Management

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