Skin Cancer Management

If you’re unsure about the spots on your skin, it’s time to get them checked by a medical professional. It’s always smart to get them checked to find out if they’re benign or something for you to worry about. Skin Cancer Management can help detect skin cancer at an early stage and the sooner you identify it the better it is as far as treatment is concerned. Furthermore, early treatment may prevent the spread of cancer. At Narooma Medical Centre, we have a team of specialists who can help diagnose and treat your skin conditions in the best way possible.

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Skin Cancer Treatment

How would you know that you have skin cancer? Firstly, several varieties of skin cancer, each of which has a different appearance, and some skin cancers closely resemble common, benign, skin lesions. So, to be completely sure, have your skin periodically screened for the presence of skin cancer. Skin Cancer is nothing more than a collection of abnormally dividing cells in the skin. Another sign would be benign and precancerous growths, such as moles and even warts. Additionally, some skin cancers develop in the form of a lump, and some are flat and not appreciable by touch. Even though they are painless, it is advised to get them removed from your body by a dermatologist. At Narooma Medical Centre, the primary Skin Cancer Management takes care of all types of skin cancer including melanoma. Our experts determine the depth of skin cancer at the time of diagnosis. If required, complete surgical excision is usually the standard of care, and the size of the excision may depend on the thickness of cancer. In general, a physician must take a biopsy of the tumor growth and examine the cells under a microscope before diagnosing and treating skin cancer. The removal of one or more lymph nodes can sometimes be indicated by our skin cancer doctors. In other cases, the administration of interferon and other medications may be useful in the treatment of melanoma.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Types of skin cancer treatments include:

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Melanoma
  • Photodynamic therapy.
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Biological Therapy
  • Excisional surgery
  • Freezing

While some malignancies of the skin may bleed, itch, or form an ulcer, other skin cancers may not be bothersome in any respect. But, the safe rule of thumb is that all growths on the skin should be seen at least once per year by a physician to rule out the possibility of skin cancer.

Types of skin cancer treatments include:

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