Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Whether you hardly ever see your doctor or you have a Chronic Condition that requires frequent visits to the doctor, this quick guide can help you get more out of your next doctor’s appointment. More often than not, patients leave their health and well-being in their doctor’s hands since their the experts. But here at Narooma Medical Centre, we strongly believe that patients need to take control of their own health and take on a more hands-on approach. Being well-informed about your health can be empowering. So, here’s a guide to help you, as well as help your doctor, achieve your health goals. 

Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor?

Am I up-to-date on my vaccinations?

In all the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it’s easy to forget what vaccinations we’ve had in the past. If you’ve been moving around a lot, keeping track of your Vaccinations can be a but of a challenge. If you’re not sure about what vaccinations you’ve had and don’t have any records of it, you can request your doctor to do a blood test to see if you’re vaccinated against all the major diseases that the modern world vaccinates against.

Are the Supplements I’m Taking Safe/Useful?

Just because something is marketed as ‘all natural’ and ‘without side effects’ doesn’t automatically make it safe. There are many natural supplements in the market that might interfere with medications and could cause adverse reactions when taken without medical supervision. It’s best to Consult with Your Doctor before taking any supplements. Even if a supplement is completely safe for you to take, it might not necessarily be useful. So, don’t waste your money on expensive supplements that do not work. Check with your doctor and make the right decisions.

What Lifestyle Changes Can I Make to Improve My Quality of Living?

Don’t wait for something to go wrong to go see your doctor. Taking a more proactive approach to your health and well-being can be fruitful in the long run. Book A Doctor’s Appointment and discuss your general health with your doctor. Ask for advice on how you can improve your health and what changes you can make to prevent lifestyle health conditions such as chronic back pain and weight gain, which could lead to lesser mobility which in turn could spiral into more serious health issues.
At Narooma Medical Centre, our doctor’s treat each patient as an individual who requires a unique approach that meets their requirements. We are happy to go on this health journey with you and believe that together, we can achieve your health goals. To book an appointment, call us on 02 4476 5588

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