Work cover injuries and reports

As a business owner, you must protect the health and safety of your workers and others at your workplace. If the employee has met with an injury, the employer needs to know all the details about it. So, the work doesn’t get hindered or required adjustments could be made, accordingly. In that case, Work Cover Injuries and Reports can maintain transparency between the employer and employee. It will include the reported nature of the injury, the cause, and the trigger; clinical findings of examination; diagnosis and the possible other causes of injury, and the anticipated time frame of the employee’s return to normal employment.

At Narooma Medical Centre, our experts ensure that the employers and insurers receive a copy of the Workcover Certificate of Capacity and a report detailing the nature of the injury. The Work Cover Injuries and Reports will contain the relevant restrictions concerning the injury sustained; action to the treatment immediately required such as physiotherapy, medication, radiology, specialist review. This will help to minimize the time lost and will advise the employer of actions required to assist employees remaining at work.

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Our Work Cover Injuries and Reports will include:

  • Reported nature of the injury, the cause, and the trigger
  • Clinical findings on examination
  • Diagnosis and the possible other causes
  • Management required and anticipated time to return to the regular employment
  • any inconsistencies of the presentation that may require non-medical actions such as workplace dissatisfaction, other non-work contributing factors, exaggeration.

At Narooma Medical Centre, the panel of rehabilitation providers will facilitate the injured worker rehabilitation process to ensure a medically safe and smooth transition back to the workplace during the treatment of the injury. Additionally, the notification will be sent to the insurer for a workers’ compensation application from one of the workers. Your insurer will decide after doing a thorough examination that if the workers’ compensation claim is to be accepted or rejected.

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At Narooma Medical Centre, we ensure that our patients are provided with a call-in phone number to address any questions related to the Work Cover Injuries and Reports 7 days a week. While ensuring our Workcover Certificate of Capacity contains relevant restrictions about the injury sustained, every effort is made to compile data from the employee. This will also comply with Workcover legislation to report the impairment and limitation rather than with the job. Furthermore, the experts at Narooma Medical Centre are completely dedicated and committed to helping the patients that they open early and finish late for people who work or get up early. To book a consultation, call us on 0244765588 / 0424204562

Why choose us?
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