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Health is an integral aspect of every person’s life, but when it comes to Children’s Health, it’s even more important. While growing up, children need protection against diseases and proper health checks to ensure that they are healthy while developing. Health plays a critical role in nurturing and supporting children’s growth and development, so a Child’s Health must be a top priority for any parent.

That said, children may have different needs from adults, especially since they are still growing and have yet to fully develop. As a result, you must visit a child health clinic or consult with a pediatrician to ensure that you address important health needs for children. While lifestyle habits, such as diet and sleeping patterns, can certainly affect your child’s health, preventative care and complete immunizations are also critical to avoid complications from arising.

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Important Vaccinations for Children

Immunizations are essential for everyone, and not just children, but they are particularly important for children as their bodies are susceptible to disease while developing. The Australian government has established a national immunization program (NIP) schedule detailing the vaccines that your child must get throughout different parts of his or her growth.

The schedule begins with the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. Within a child’s first year, he or she must receive a series of vaccines once they reach two, four, and six months old, as well as when they turn one year old. The next vaccine will be done at 18 months old, and after that, the proceeding immunizations will be more spaced out.

At Narooma Medical Centre, we prioritize your Child’s Health and work with you to ensure that their immunizations are up to schedule. Regardless of how healthy your child may be, keeping track of their vaccinations is critical to keep their body immune from diseases and similar risks.


Important Vaccinations for Children

Common Children’s Health Services

Aside from vaccinations, regular check-ups are also important as these allow doctors to assess your Child’s Health and check for warning signs that may need to be addressed. While your child is growing and developing, it is important that they receive proper nutrition and stay healthy, so periodic screenings can be performed to detect potential complications or issues.

Parents can actively work with their children’s doctor to ensure that their little ones stay healthy and happy. During your child’s first few months, you can get newborn assessments to see if your baby is developing as they should. However, even as your child grows older, you must still stay on top of their routine visits to their doctor to ensure that they are healthy and strong. Even if you do not spot any warning signs or possible diseases, you must still bring your child to the doctor at least once annually for a general examination.

Common Children’s Health Services

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