Here at Narooma Medical Centre, we treat every procedure with the utmost care, even the most common surgeries. To our skilled and experienced medical professionals, there is nothing “minor” about these Minor Procedures.
We understand that what is often referred to as Minor Surgical Procedures could save the patients’ lives or improve its quality significantly. If performed well, it will allow patients to recover successfully and quickly so they can get back to living normal lives the soonest time possible.
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Why are Minor Surgical Procedures Performed?

For many years, Narooma Medical Centre has been performing minor procedures, helping countless patients in many ways:

  • Provide relief from ongoing discomfort or pain
  • Prevent the spread of illnesses like cancer
  • Save patient lives

Our highly trained doctors can recommend the best course of action that will meet your unique medical needs and improve your quality of life.

Why are Minor Surgical Procedures Performed?

Services We Offer

Here in Narooma Medical Centre, patient welfare is a top priority. We aim to perform Minor Surgical Procedures as quickly as possible while keeping patients safe and comfortable. Here are some of the minor procedures we offer:

  • Suturing of open wounds and injuries
  • Curettage for early detection of some uterine conditions
  • Snips and shaves for effective family planning
  • Removal of cysts to prevent infections and other health complications
  • Removal of in-growing nails to prevent bone infections
  • Infection control
  • Punch biopsies for early detection of certain types of cancer
  • Removal of lymphoma that has spread outside the lymph system
  • Abscess removal to relieve pain and prevent serious complications
  • Treatment of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions

These are just some of the services offered here at Narooma Medical Centre. Our team of medical professionals can recommend the best course of treatment or procedure that will suit your medical needs and restore you to full health.

Services We Offer

Professional Medical Care with a Heart

A key component of our comprehensive medical services is ensuring patient comfort. On many occasions, this includes alleviating the fear and anxiety that comes with the possibility of Minor Surgical Procedures. Our doctors are fully aware of the fact that many patients do not have the same knowledge and training in the field of health care. This leaves them susceptible to misconceptions, which lead to apprehensions about the procedure. Part of their job description is explaining the procedures thoroughly in ways that patients will easily understand. It also involves the discussion of sedation and anesthesia options. In many cases, our doctors will recommend the presence of family members or a close personal friend to help put the patient at ease and in a better position to calmly understand the situation. With better understanding comes the assurance that the procedure is safe and that the doctor performing it is highly qualified.

Fast and Comfortable Recovery

Many of the Minor Surgical Procedures we offer do not take all day to perform. This is contrary to what some people may imagine. There are no overnight stays. You come in for the procedure, get it done and leave the same day.

Your Health, Our Priority

Here at Narooma Medical Centre, providing safe and effective medical care to patients is our way of life. For your health concerns, schedule an appointment with our highly trained and experienced doctors by calling us at 0244765588 / 0424204562.

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